Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Value Builder System - A Systematic Approach to Increasing Business Value

To further enhance my 17+ year career in business valuation as a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Business Valuator, Accredited Senior Appraiser and Certified Exit Planning Advisor, I recently attended the Value Builder System training program in Toronto  (

The Value Builder System is a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of a business.   Business owners complete a 13-minute questionnaire and receive their Value Builder Score out of 100.   Companies with a score of 80+ typically receive offers that are 71% higher than average scoring businesses.  This questionnaire focuses on 8 key attributes that drive the value of a business.   The resulting assessment addresses the specific factors that will increase the value of your business.

The Value Builder Score and resulting Value Builder Assessment are fantastic tools for business owners to identify opportunities to enhance the value of their business.   What I like about the Value Builder System is that it was created by someone with actual experience building and selling four separate businesses, the most recent of which was a market research firm, and vetted by various M&A and valuation professionals.   John Warrilow's background and experience in market research has allowed him to analyze the results of more than 20,000+ Value Builder Score questionnaires and show that there is adirectquantifiable relationship between your Value Builder Score and the value of your business. 
As an experienced business valuation professional I can attest to the fact that the Value Builder Score is truly based on 8 of the key factors that drive business value - factors that we at VSP consider in each business valuation we perform.   It is these 8 key value drivers and how they affect a company's Value Builder Score that we will be sharing with you over the coming months.  I hope that you will stay tuned...