Monday, November 04, 2013

The VSP Exit Starter Program – Your Wealth Transfer Survival Guide

Are you planning to exit your business in the coming decade?  Have you started preparing for a successful internal transfer (e.g. family, management, employees, shareholders) or an open market sale to a third party?  Do you want to maximize your net sale proceeds and achieve your goals when you exit?  Do you want to be prepared in the event of a forced exit due to disability, divorce, dispute or death?
If these questions don’t concern you then read no further – this program is not for you.  If, however, these questions have crossed your mind and do concern you then the VSP Exit Starter Program may be perfect for you.
An unprecedented transfer of business wealth is expected over the coming decade.  Going to market unprepared will result in selling for a significant discount or a possible liquidation altogether.  An internal transfer to family, management, employees or other shareholders can fail miserably without proper planning.
You can kick start the planning process by letting the professionals trained and experienced in exit planning, business valuation and value enhancement guide you through a structured process in an economic manner with minimal time commitment and interference in your day to day responsibilities.
Over the course of the following four half-day sessions you will develop your personalized action plan and begin to assemble your exit planning binder to ensure you are: i) able to leave your business on your terms; and ii) prepared for an unexpected and forced exit due to disability, divorce, dispute or death:

Half-Day Session
Topics Covered
#1 – Laying the Foundation
  • The 5 key initial questions you must address
  • Detailed review of the 6 step exit planning process
  • Building a competent professional advisory team
#2 – Business Valuation and Value Enhancement
  • Business valuation basics
  • How to value your business
  • The key to enhancing business value and salability
#3 – Developing the Action Plan
  • Strategic planning session
  • Revisiting goals, identifying obstacles
  • Brainstorming strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Prioritize and identify action planning items
#4 – Building the Binder
  • The exit planning binder
  • The internal transfer / succession binder
  • The pre-sale due diligence binder

Through private or group sessions you can join an elite group of business owners that are not only committed to the planning process but also recognize that implementation is the key to success.
Group sessions include a personalized Sellability Score Report which allows you to gauge how attractive your business currently is to a potential purchaser.  Most business owners find this to be a great starting point as it highlights some of your company’s current strengths and weaknesses in terms of its "sellability".
Private sessions allow you the option of sharing relevant information to find out from experienced business valuators the value of your business given the private and confidential nature of the discussions.  As I have discussed in the past, an independent business valuation is the first step in the value enhancement process, helps to avoid costly legal disputes and manages value expectations which improves the likelihood of completing a sale transaction when the time comes.
Group sessions will begin in March 2014 and registration is limited to an exclusive group of 10 businesses.  To find out if you qualify for the VSP Exit Starter Program and for pricing information, contact us at or 905-305-VSPL (8775) or

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